More about traditional methods of treating males’ erectile dysfunction


The best-known most powerful weapon against male erectile dysfunction is a drug that was introduced to the market only in the 1990s. However, the same problem is one that has been affecting men since the old age. History knows the accumulation of hundreds of ways for resolving impotence. Each continent/country offers its own ways of addressing and even possibly curing ED. For instance, Chinese medicine uses certain herbs, massages and acupuncture while African plants were introduced by the civilization of Zulu are still used for alleviating this issue. Altai and the Far East plants are taken often to make special extracts which help men.

Chinese medicine against ED


Statistically, only in USA, over 19 million of men have ED. Some of them use Viagra, but the others decide to go for Chinese traditional methods of treating male erectile dysfunction. Certain men go for the yin and yang energies and even learn how they regulate these energies in their body. Meanwhile, only those who are single can allocate time to go for these type of practices as it takes too long, and most of modern people do not have it. Also, these methods require concentration, whereas any person today can stay concentrated not more than 20-30 minutes. These practices need months and even years. Acupuncture is more affordable way of treating ED and sexual problems. This treatmentconsists of inserting thin and long needles into certain body points. Acupuncture also lets the blood circulating in a more effective way. Chinese medicine also uses herbs and animal products that help ED. The most popular animal products are Ge Jia (Gecko), Hai Ma (Sea Horse) and Lu Rong (Deer Antler). Plants work also well; like cinnamon and aconite that are not as costly as animal products and can also help. But, these plants do not even have an instant effect. To know if some Chinese medicine remedies work, you should take it for many months. They also do not totally cure ED; but, just help improve the situation.

African remedies struggling with impotence

Since the old times when Africa had no tracks of civilization, everyone there knew secrets of curing ED. They only used plants and even parts of animals to help manage the problem. Zulu people, for instance, still use Eriosema-roots as the spices fighting with ED. Each nation of the black continent, now has its own sexual-stimulants made from herbs and plants. For instance, Burantashi, Impotex, TigerPower, uBangalala and SuperLove are very famous not only locally, butalso overseas.

Altai ginseng for better potency


Altai ginseng is the root that arouses all the systems of the body. Ginseng is a powerful libido stimulator – it works as the remedy stimulating pleasure and desire. The root contains substances intensifying blood vessels, improving blood supply to the penis and providing an erection. Men taking ginseng regularly become better lovers: their sperm shows better activity. The effect of ginseng is not only used as an ED treatment. It inspires the body by reducing stress and facilitating its struggle with many ailments that are possibly affecting potency, one can surely think of non-regulated blood sugar levels, multiple chronic diseases, and pressure surges. The actual effectiveness of the root is indeed largely related to how it is taken: as a drink, power, pills, etc. In particular, a high percentage of alcohol content causes health damage. Therefore, you should elect the other dosage forms, especially because ginseng root is also an active-ingredient in many medicines.

Meanwhile, although all of these ways work well, their effect is still uncomparable to the famous effect of OTC Viagra. Wishing to have great sex; but, you are still annoyed by ED,then, you would better pick this med. You should never keep it out of your mind to consult with both your physician and urologist. You would then need to follow the exact recommendations they give you: this is very important!